Capri is over…

Capri is over…
Look et tendance

And 2020 too. Finally !!
Admittedly, it was a rotten year. But don't count on us to make you the most trying year that we have all experienced for decades.

Rather, we opt for partial amnesia: focusing on all crazy projects that we have launched since January 1. On everything that makes 2020 probably the best year since the creation of Mr. Mustache.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

It is precisely when the times are hard that we need to know who we really are. So we dug our heads.
And then it struck us, as obvious. We want Mr. Mustache to be your ray of sunshine. We want to put your shoes in the morning to be this little moment of happiness in your day, no matter what's going on!
Our secret ? Color and materials. Associate them to create shoes that give you the potato and that you will not find anywhere else!

Shoes made from Shoes

As much to tell you right away, we are proud. Very proud. And that’s probably why 2020 will remain like Mr. Mustache's best year.
Because we launched [re] coltte. This sole made from your old recycled shoes. This sole that you will not find anywhere else.

But the most beautiful in this story is that it is thanks to you. Thanks to all the used pairs that you place every day in our echoppes (finally when they are open).

We would almost forget that we also opened our fifth store (1 week before confinement, smart !!) and that we have forever revolutionized the slipper with our good friends!

And after ?

What is really cool is that it is only the beginning.
Because [re] Colte is only present on 60% of our sneakers today. And that we will soon be able to use it on our entire collection!
Because we will launch our recycled basketball at 60%, manufactured in Portugal and less than 100 €.
And for all the strings that we still have to our bow and which we are not talking about yet;)

Keep smiling and enjoy 2021;) In any case, we are not going to deprive ourselves!

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