Look et tendance

We know ... Right now, you're probably completing your suitcases, stinging a head in the garden swimming pool or organizing the next barbecue for the store for friends. And you're right.

But if you dare to bother you between two breastpins, it is that in recent months, we have not been unemployed to offer you a collection that (re) gives potato.

The pitch?

Whether you are on call in the office (strength and courage) or lizard in the sun, you just have to put one of our pairs from the new "Colorama" collection so that your summer is necessarily colorful.

Let the Sunshine in!

Because for this collection, we gave ourselves a mission: brightening up your dressing room and your morale as a bonus. Flamboyant red, tangy green, mustard that does not go up to the nose, vitamin orange or very punchy blue ... We bet everything on pop colors and retwish the timeless of the cloakroom to imagine models as refreshing as the small breeze when we are posed On his beach towel.


Hot stuff!

As we don't know anything more effective than Colortherapy to keep the smile, we leave you scrolling in search of your next pair.

PS: if you have questions about the collection or sweet words to share in Charlotte (the one who imagines your favorite pairs) to thank her for these little jewels, it is by here.

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