Mr. Mustache x Marielle HAON

Mr. Mustache x Marielle HAON
Look et tendance

Here it has been, it's been several months that we are on it and we are very happy and proud to finally be able to reveal our collab ’with Marielle Haon, the coolest instagram of our feed.


Marielle Who?

But yes, you necessarily see ... Eyes cat in the nose, a Parisian pure butter style and a seventies square, he was missing only a pretty pair on the feet to enjoy the beautiful days.

And there, if you follow us diligently, you know that if Marielle likes stylish pieces, we do what we prefer is to create them. It is logically that we decide to associate to imagine summer pairs with four hands.

Just in time for sunny days

On the style side, Marielle draws her inspiration from the strong models of our collection to imagine two exclusive models to jump in the summer.

As she likes to wear heels, it is the classic seventies pump with the Slingback that is revisited. It is openwork at the front, for a more summer side.

Who says summer, says sandals, she wants a pair with finesse with a set of fine and intertwined bridles. This new pair of sandals responds to the sweet name of Lola!

Finally, it declines the iconic model of the brand, Clémence, in red and in golden leather.

This gives a collaboration under the sign of 70’s femininity in a green Paris.

Lady of Heart

In all colors, Marielle Haon has always had a lean for red. It is logically that she chooses this color for the models in the collection. It also puts on the gold, the only color capable of shadowing the sun.


We took great pleasure in imagining these models and we really hope that you like the result. Do not hesitate to write to us at if you have any questions about the collaboration. And above all to share your most beautiful photos with these wonders at the foot by email, on insta or by traveler pigeon.

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