We launch our solidarity days

We launch our solidarity days
Mode éthique

Well, make shoes is cool, we love it. But when these shoes can help finance the search for a disease that we unfortunately know too well, it's even better. Do we explain what we have in mind?

Solidarity days

During 5 days, the idea is to create the greatest collection of possible donations By transferring 100% of the benefits of our sales to the association Allegretto and raise awareness about Rett syndrome. A rare alteration of the nervous system, of genetic origin, which still affects too many little girls.

Ask for the program

From Wednesday, 17 to Sunday 21 November, we offer you pairs of the old collections at a very low price on the site and in our stalls. Discounts that can go Up to -50% just to make the best deal of the year. The icing on the cake, you can also get caught Some pairs from the new collection.

100% of the profits donated

Basically, you can count on us to simmer a selection with small onions and get your hands on the pair that you will not leave from the season. And you, in the bitch, You transform your purchase into a donation - just that !

Because yes, 100% of sales of sales will be donated to the Allegretto association. The one who slaughters titanic work on a daily basis but which is sorely lacking in means. Finally that was before the solidarity days (Fingers Crossed). A test that intends to become a regular meeting.

PS: if you like the idea, make it even more powerful: talk about the solidarity days at the already break, all your dinners but especially your whole clan.

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