That 70’s show.

That 70’s show.
Look et tendance


The time has come to present our new collection to you. Ah20 as they say in the middle. A somewhat special collection for us. In fact, it's a bit like it was our first.

Of course because 58% of our sneakers are equipped with [re] colt, our sole made from your used shoes. But not only.

It is also the first after presenting you the "new us"And this vision that we are proud to wear" Don’t Worry, Be Happy! ".

And then the first after the complicated and amazing months that we all experienced.

So yes, this collection is a bit special. And we are all the more proud to present it to you.

In our opinion (and my mom agrees with me), it is the most successful and successful in the story of Mr. Mustache.

A clever mix between Jeanne, Lucienne, Alphonse, or René (e), the timeless you already like. And Manon, Irene or Lucas who, with their round, square or pointed ends will make you love geometry!

But we must also be completely transparent with you. This collection is not exactly the one we imagined. Originally, it had to be called "Bergen Express" and embark in the middle of the fjords. Right in Norway from the 70s.

Everything was ready. Loked accommodation and air tickets purchased. Departure scheduled for March 20. Missed.

It doesn't matter, we get up and we find solutions.

So here we are to “shoot” for the first time in our short career in a studio, in the heart of Paris.

It is clearly less exotic than the port of Bergen and its colorful houses. But with hindsight, it is probably a very good thing. Because it pushed us to reinvent ourselves. You present this collection differently and above all, give you, despite the situation, the smile!

We hope that you will take as much pleasure in discovering it as we had to imagine, developing and making it.


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