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Boat shoes Georges - Cognac nubuck Boat shoes Georges - Cognac nubuck
Regular price $223.00
Sale price $223.00 Regular price $279.00
-50% new
Boat shoes Marin - Brown leather Boat shoes Marin - Brown leather
Regular price $123.00
Sale price $123.00 Regular price $246.00
Boat shoes Georges - Olive nubuck Boat shoes Georges - Olive nubuck
Regular price $168.00
Sale price $168.00 Regular price $279.00
Boat shoes Georges - Brown nubuck Boat shoes Georges - Brown nubuck
Regular price $168.00
Sale price $168.00 Regular price $279.00
Boat shoes Benoit - Khaki nubuck Boat shoes Benoit - Khaki nubuck
Regular price $168.00
Sale price $168.00 Regular price $279.00
Boat shoes Marin - Beige suede and cognac leather Boat shoes Marin - Beige suede and cognac leather
Regular price $161.00
Sale price $161.00 Regular price $230.00
Boat shoes Marin - Brown and hazelnut nubuck Boat shoes Marin - Brown and hazelnut nubuck
Regular price $138.00
Sale price $138.00 Regular price $230.00


As the iodine-filled breezes are fast approaching, let us introduce you to our special hot weather models: men's boat shoes. Just what you need to steer proudly into summer.

Our selection of boat shoes for men combine style and quality. Made from durable materials such as nubuck, they guarantee comfort and longevity. Their timeless design also makes them versatile for casual occasions. Available in a variety of styles and colours, our men's boat shoes are an essential choice for those looking for both elegance and practicality.

The boat shoe is the ideal pair to enjoy the slow life without drinking the cup. Holiday mode activated.

Why choose our boat shoes?

Our men's boat shoes are pairs that can be worn at work or on the seafront. All the more so as we've chosen exceptional colours for our models.

Perfect for sailors and water sports enthusiasts, our men's boat shoes are made from water-resistant materials that keep feet dry and comfortable.

Their rubber soles provide optimum grip on a variety of slippery surfaces, making them ideal for outdoor use, whether you're strolling along the seafront, hiking near the water or even for a casual outing to a summer market.

Their exceptional durability and timelessness also make them a versatile choice for different occasions. Choose boat shoes and enjoy the perfect combination of practicality, functionality and well-being. Whatever your indoor or outdoor activity, our range of boat shoes is a stylish, quality choice.

Which pair of boat shoes should you choose?

Look no further! The details of our boat shoes make all the difference when it comes to finding the perfect model to complete your look. From classic colours to brighter shades, boat shoes come in a multitude of colours to suit your preferences. Whether you're a sailing enthusiast or simply looking for fashionable sailing shoes to navigate the world of fashion, our boat shoes are available in a variety of versions and models. Let yourself be seduced by our French brand, which offers quality shoes in a wide range of colours to suit all tastes.

- For hybrid shoes that are half-slip-on, half-boat: choose Charles. Its rope and rubber soles are the ultimate in well-being. The suede is ultra-light.

- Georges embodies the meeting of two iconic shoes: a moccasin-style sewn platform and leather laces emblematic of boat shoes.

- Two-material design and coloured welt to highlight the sole. His name: Martin. With him, the boat shoe reinvents the codes of the genre.

- With a recycled notched rubber sole and a leather insole, our Benoît men's boat shoe will take you to work or to the seaside.

How to wear boat shoes for men?

Follow our advice to find the outfit that suits you and that will make you look your best. First of all, choose the colour of your shoes to match your outfit.


For a nautical look, team your boat with ocean-inspired clothing. Choose a striped t-shirt or light striped shirt in blue and chino trousers or Bermuda shorts in light shades. You can complete the look with nautical accessories such as a cap or rope bracelets.


For an urban touch, pair your boat shoes with raw denim jeans and a graphic T-shirt. Add sunglasses for a trendy touch.


For a more classic look, wear your men's boat shoes with light-coloured chino trousers, a button-down shirt and a jumper.


For a more casual look, boat shoes are perfect with jeans or canvas trousers. Pair them with a basic T-shirt or shirt to keep things casual and comfortable.


For warmer days, opt for linen or cotton Bermuda shorts, paired with a lightweight short-sleeved shirt in neutral colours. Boat shoes will add a refined touch to your summer outfit.


Whether on deck or on land, boat shoes add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Make sure the shoe fits your foot and your shoe size, so that it offers good support for your foot. Don't forget to coordinate your outfit as a whole by choosing clothes that complement your boat shoes according to their colours. Follow these tips and enjoy timeless style with your men's boat shoes.

How do you care for and clean your boat shoes?

So that your men's boats last for several seasons... Don't forget to maintain and clean them regularly. That's why we've put together a range of maintenance products. You can find them online or in shop.

Even though we've unearthed some exceptional materials, to prevent them from ageing prematurely, it's important to look after them. That's why we've put together our care kits. These are essential items so that everyone can look after their boats without going to the shoemaker. Waterproofing, suede rubber, colour enhancers, you'll find all the products you need to treat all types of leather well. Different types of leather and suede require different care.

First and foremost, it's essential to waterproof your boat shoes! Our waterproofing protects and is effective against dirt, dust and damp. If you use it regularly, it will prolong the life of your men's boat shoes.

It's important to avoid leaving your sailing shoes exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. As soon as you've finished wearing them, we advise you to store your sailing shoes in the shade. This will prolong their life. Even so, if the sun has slightly faded the colours of your sailing shoes, we have the ideal product: our colour reviver to bring your shoes back to life.

If you find stains or dirt on the suede, use the suede eraser for stubborn stains and the crepe brush to remove embedded dust. Take good care of your suede shoes and they'll last you through the seasons.


Take a look at our full range of care products for all your men's trainers. By following these simple tips, you'll be able to enjoy your trainers for many seasons to come.

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