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  • package Livraison offerte dès $200
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The New We.

The New We.

Is it us or the world is going a bit to Vau-l'Eau at the moment?

Pandemic, economic crisis, Kanye presidential candidate ...

Not enough to split the pear!


But strangely, all that gives us the potato even more. Even more desire to move. To give you a smile and take maximum pleasure when you cross our route!

We know that we are "only" shoes, but we want to do their maximum at our level.


It has even become our vision, our mantra. The reason we get up in the morning!


Because we ask all the questions about the impact of our activity on the environment and on people. And that we will provide the best possible answers. Yes it’s the crisis, but we’ll get out of it!

> Cannons collections ...

We continue to vary the colors and materials to surprise you with unexpected products. Or revisit the greatest classics (Cuckoo René).

> … That you can buy without feeling guilty!

We already produce 90% of our collections in Portugal, our boxes are made of recycled cardboard and we recycle all the used shoes that you drop us with Enca (re).

But we know that it is far from being enough ... and it's been a while since we work on it.

We want you to buy any of our models with a peaceful mind. Knowing that we did our job well.

Our watchword is: do things well to create products that do good!

It’s a long -term job and like Rome, it’s not going to be a 1 day. But we have a very big announcement to make you on this subject in September. So Stay Tuned!


… Be happy!

For you to understand our message, you still have to all wrapped in nice gift wrap. A graphic universe that gives you the smile when you come across one of our publications on Instagram.

So we decided to reset everything. So that Mr. Mustache is this little dose of good humor that we sometimes need every day.


Hello, it's us!


Exit our good old mustache. She was a little too first degree to our taste and lacked personality.

Rest assured, in the same way that you will never see José Bové Imberbe, we are not ready to part with it! It is always very present. We just reworked her a little.

This logo, which will be gradually integrated on all our shoes, is a bit of a summary of everything we are.

It is a M ". But it's also a mustache. And it's both at the same time.

But it's also a smile, a lace ...

To accompany this brand new logo, we chose 3 colors (in addition to white). One for each of the founders (or not.)

3 elegant and optimistic colors. But above all 3 colors that slam!

We even give you the CMJN references if you want to make a poster for your living room.


We hope you love them because you risk crossing them fairly regularly in the coming months! They will come in addition to the photos we take season after season. A kind of red thread so that you recognize us by between 1000.

And to be sure that you do not miss a word from everything you want to tell you, we have chosen a brand new typo. Reiher Bold.

Its name is a little scary but it is the only time you read it. What matters is that it is beautiful. What we liked is what is called in the jargon of typography, its full and its delusions. It is sometimes very fine, and sometimes very strong. An elegant but statutory typo!

After months to work on this "new us", it's now up to you to tell us what you think.

We try not to work because we think you're going to be super happy. 

But if you have comments, comments or just want to proclaim your love to us, just click here.


Antoine, Guillaume and Thibault

Founders of Mr. Mustache




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