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Pack of 3 socks - Chined - Bordeaux Vert and mustard
Pack of 3 socks Bordeaux Vert and mustard
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Christmas will be funky!

Christmas will be funky!
Look et tendance

A pedestrian street, Christmas decorations that illuminate the facades, a mulled wine in one hand and gifts in the other ...
It's seen and seen, a bit boat, see squarely kitsch and we complain every year to have too many gifts to make. But this year, while everything is turned upside down, we realize that we will miss these shots that make Christmas for a magical moment!

But that is not a reason to be put down! If Kevin McCallister managed to have a good time, we will get there!

So even if it means changing our good old habits, we decided to be like.

Because in the end, whether you are together or separated, confined or gathered, Christmas must be fun, warm and friendly.

At all costs, this year at Mr. Mustache, Christmas will be funky.

So we take you on with us in a resolutely 70’s universe. Where glitter and other facets balls will make you travel. And too bad if it's from your sofa!

We think very much of you wherever you are (probably at home ...) and we are sure that you will still spend very pretty end of year celebrations!

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