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Women's high top sneakers 

Looking for a very special pair of women's high top sneakers? Let us guess: mix and match colours that make a splash, meticulous finishing, a combination of exceptional materials, graphic lines that keep your ankles warm... You're on the right page. If you want trainers that come just below the ankle, check out our women's low top trainers

Why opt for high top trainers?

We don't know of anything more effective than high-top sneakers to combine comfort and a crazy look for any occasion. Both fashionable and trendy, they bring an original touch to all your outfits. Completely adapted to the city, the women's high top trainer combines all the know-how to adapt to cobblestones and tarmac. All-terrain soles, materials that adapt to each season and exceptional leather to shine as well at the Monday morning presentation as at the terrace. The high-top trainer has become a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. So much so that we enjoy collecting them to have a pair of trainers for every situation and every desire.

Which women's trainers to choose?

There are plenty of sneaker choices to suit all your desires. 

  • In the club of high top trainers, there is the pair with sunny colours that immediately plunges you into summer. So if you're looking for a pair capable of bringing that little extra touch of fun and originality to all your outfits, it's clearly a coloured trainer that you should opt for. 
  • The one with the original cut-out that makes a promise to you: that of making a mark. Wide XXL soles, perforated details, follow your instinct. 
  • The ultra-fashionable sneaker at the heart of the trend that promises you a shower of compliments. With it, you can't go wrong and upgrade any raw denim/white T-shirt combo. 
  • The one that's made to keep up with your busy schedule. For this, opt for a leather high top trainer. Elegant and comfortable, you can go to work in them without any problem.
In short, the choice is complicated. But don't worry, here every woman can find the pair of low top sneakers that will bring glitter to her life.

And if you still can't find what you're looking for, then the pair of trainers for women of your dreams is hidden here:

How to wear women's high top trainers? 

Limited edition sneakers that you won't see on the first person you meet at the bakery. And they go brilliantly with all your favourite pieces: raw jeans, mini skirt, long flowing dress... You can't go wrong. Cherry on the cake, high-top trainers can be worn with any sauce in any season.

How do you care for your high top sneakers? 

You have to treat them with care and clean them regularly. To give you a helping hand, we have our care products. These are essential for taking care of your shoes without having to go to the shoe repair shop, whether it's raining or snowing. To keep your trainers sparkling white, there's our white express spray. To be sprayed without moderation if an ugly trace has become embedded on your beloved sneaker. There's our gum to take care of suede leather. The waterproofing spray to spray on your favourite trainer before going to sleep to protect it from the rain. We'll let you take a look at our entire range of products to pamper your sneaker.