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Women's running shoes

Looking for a very special pair of running shoes for women ? Let us guess: mix and match colors that make you pop, careful finishing, exceptional material combo, graphic lines... You're on the right page. Let us introduce you to our sublime running shoes.

Why opt for running shoes?

We don't know of anything more effective than a pair of women's runnings to combine comfort and coolness for any occasion. Both fashionable and trendy, they bring an original touch to all your outfits. Completely adapted to the city, the running shoe combines all the know-how to adapt to cobblestones as well as to asphalt. All-terrain soles, materials that adapt to each season and exceptional leather to shine as well at the presentation on Monday morning as at the terrace. Running shoes have become a must-have in women's dressing rooms. So much so that we take pleasure in collecting them to have a pair of runnings for every situation and every desire.

Which pairs of women's running shoes to choose?

  • For a less streetwear version, you will find your happiness in our low top sneakers or in our selection of colored sneakers. 
  • For a retro sporty look, don't hesitate to check out our high top sneakers. 
  • To do good to your style as well as to mother nature, we also offer vegan sneakers to combine style and eco-responsibility, with non-animal materials.

How to take care of your running shoes? 

To do this, they need to be treated with care through regular maintenance and cleaning. To give you a little help, we have put together our maintenance kits. They are essential to take care of your sneakers without going to the shoe repair shop, whether it's raining or snowing. To keep your sneakers sparkling white, there's our white express spray. To be sprayed without moderation if an ugly mark is embedded on your beloved sneakers . There is our gum to take care of suede leather. The waterproofing spray to be sprayed on your favorite running shoes before going to sleep to protect it from the rain. We let you take a look at our entire range to pamper your pair of women's runnings.