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Have you felt it too? The first real heat, the start of summer! It's the time for Mölkky and drinks on the terrace... And it's the time for bare feet and women's espadrilles! And to keep you up to date, we've got a few quality products to show you, handmade by craftsmen in our Spanish workshop. Easy to wear, women's espadrilles can be worn for any occasion, from a stroll on the beach to a night out on the town. Espadrilles, with their woven rope soles, are timeless, wearable in any situation and go with any style.


Discover our collection of trendy espadrilles for women, designed to combine style and comfort. Our espadrilles feature comfortable braided rope platform soles, offering optimum support with every step. With a wide choice of styles, colours and materials, you'll easily find the pair that suits your style. Whether you prefer classic espadrilles or more daring models, our collection will meet all your expectations. Choose our carefully crafted women's espadrilles for a casual summer look. Explore our selection of women's espadrilles now and choose from our superb women's espadrilles!


Espadrilles are the fashion product of the summer. A comfortable women's shoe that fashionistas snap up during the summer season. A clever blend of originality and elegance, they offer a wide choice of shapes and prices. Women's espadrilles are easily recognisable thanks to their platform and woven rope sole.

If you're ready for summer, trust our trendy pairs of coloured espadrilles. Yellow, pink, orange, khaki or even multicoloured models! Platform shoes with rope soles in vibrant colours to bring out your sun-kissed complexion. In leather or suede, all you have to do is choose from our range.

For a pair of espadrilles that's both trendy and casual, you can place your trust in our wedge-heeled sandals. The ultimate in lazy elegance.


Espadrilles are an essential part of any summer wardrobe. Espadrilles and their woven rope soles are timeless and the perfect combination of comfort and style. Easy to wear, you can slip on your women's espadrilles for an impromptu stroll along the seafront or a night out on the town. As you can see, there's nothing more effective than a pair of women's espadrilles to brighten up your summer outfits.

For a chic look on the way to work, opt for our women's espadrilles with heels and woven coral soles and team them with a colourful suit or a flowing, patterned dress.

For the beach, opt for a flat-heeled espadrille with a rope sole and slip them on with your swimming costume and your best denim shorts.

For a casual look that takes you all over town, pair our women's espadrilles with your favourite denim skirt.


Suede espadrilles are elegant and trendy shoes, but they need regular care to maintain their appearance and durability.

Even though we've unearthed some exceptional materials for your espadrilles, to prevent them from ageing prematurely, it's important to look after them. That's why we've put together our care kits. These are essential items so that every woman can look after her pairs of espadrilles without going to the shoemaker. Waterproofing, suede rubber, colour enhancers, you'll find all the products you need to treat all types of leather well.

First and foremost, it's essential to waterproof your espadrilles! Our waterproofing spray for women's espadrilles protects your shoes from sea water or pool bombs. Our products create a protective barrier on the surface of your shoes. Your women's espadrilles are then effectively protected against dirt, dust and moisture. If you use it regularly, it will extend the life of your women's espadrilles. Make sure you use it regularly to reap all the benefits.

For all models of coloured suede espadrilles, it's important to avoid leaving your shoes exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. As soon as you've finished wearing them, we advise you to store your shoes in the shade. This will prolong their life. Even so, if the sun has slightly dimmed the shine of your women's espadrilles, don't worry! We've got the perfect product for you: our colour reviver to bring your espadrilles back to life.

If you find stains or dirt on the suede, use our eraser or crepe brush to remove them. Use the suede eraser for stubborn stains and the crepe brush to remove embedded dust. Take good care of your suede espadrilles and they'll look great all summer long.

We'll let you take a look at our full range of care products to look after all your espadrilles.


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