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It's not a secret... If you want your shoes to last for several seasons, you have to look after them. And the high-quality pieces we put on your feet, the beautiful leather, deserve respect.


We specialise in footwear, and looking after your shoes is an important part of our expertise. Whether for sneakers or leather shoes, we offer products to suit each style and material, allowing you to preserve and extend their lifespan, so you don't damage, stain or scratch your shoes.


So, to pamper your favourite pairs without visiting a shoemaker, check out our care products. Essentials to look after your shoes, come rain or shine! Available as a kit or individual care products.


Discover our entire range:

- A waterprooffing spray to protect from rain.

- A color restoring product for suede.

- Polishes for our smooth leather styles.

- Our eraser to care for suede leather.

- Keep your trainers sparkling white with our white express spray.

- A complete care kit so you have everything on hand to pamper your shoes.

- A trainer care kit for sneaker lovers who want to keep their favorite pair sparkling white.


How should you look after your shoes?

To make sure your shoes last for years, here are a few of our best care tips.

  • If your shoes get wet, leave them to dry thoroughly for a few days before putting them away.

  • Don't forget that your shoes need to breathe. We recommend not wearing them for more than 2 to 3 days in a row if you don't want to wear your shoes out prematurely.

  • When you are not wearing your shoes, be sure to store them in their pouch, if possible stuffed with tissue paper or with shoe trees to ensure they retain their original shape.

Discover all our care products for shoes 

Caring for and cleaning leather or suede shoes

We recommend cleaning our leather shoes with a soft cloth and polishing them regularly.

For split leather, buckskin or suede, remember to waterproof your shoes regularly. To clean them, use a soft brush and our eraser to remove any stains.

For our croc-embossed style leather shoes, we recommend using our moisturising milk.


Caring for and cleaning trainers

As a sneaker addict, you know there's nothing more annoying than a nasty mark on your sole or a coffee stain on white trainers. To ensure you're ready for life's little accidents, we created this care kit to keep your trainers in tip-top shape. Four essentials that every trainer addict needs to restore their trainers or to erase signs of age or unfortunate stains. It includes a waterproofing spray to take care of suede and leather. Waterproof the day before for best results. Our white express spray: to keep your white trainers white for more than just 2 days. Our shampoo, a care cream that looks after the exceptional leather that we choose for your feet. Our eraser, to gently rub on buckskin or suede to remove stains.

Discover all our care products for trainers 

As you can see, our care products are the perfect gifts for yourself or someone else.