Cross the Agafay desert in a side-car, stroll through its sand and stones under a burning sun. Finally, settle in Berber camp surrounded by a sky full of stars. At dawn, the first rays of sun sidle inside to warm you, while you relish in the quiet wilderness. Then, hit the road... Again.



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Our story

Since 2012, we’ve been developing season after season singular shoes collections. Quality product that somewhere in between classical, modern and original.

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Our savoir-faire

At M. Moustache we believe that a good pair of shoes is first and foremost solid materials and good quality workmanship. It is also choosing qualified and experienced partners with singular traditional savoir-faire.

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Our boutiques

Designed as a safe haven for shoes enthusiasts, our Echoppes will gladly welcome you in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse and soon all-around France to guide and help you chose your next M. Moustache pair of shoes.

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