Technical know-how, lightweight and comfort are the three winners when it comes to a good running shoe. Trainers with a stylish retro look and a particular twist on materials and colours.

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M for Michelle - and M. Moustache. With its 3D-printed lightweight knitted upper, it's the ideal trainer for hot summer days. Touches of colour and trekking-inspired stripes create a large M on the side for a stylish look.


When it races, the Léa sprouts wings. A running shoe with an ultralight EVA sole and flashy colours. Technical style.


The Andrée runs back to the future. A seventies-inspired running shoe using colours for a vibrant vintage look.


Lightweight and comfortable running shoes have become a key feature of women's wardrobes. Inspired by the 70s, worn with a dress to shake up a good girl look or paired with a suit, running shoes are sure to make an impact. In flashy colours or something more subtle, with a leather insole and mesh lining for comfort. Their corduroy or suede fabrics create a feminine, casual and fashionable look.