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  • Bonsoirs X M.Moustache

    Slippers, we all have a pair (that we put more or less, I grant you!). But the real common point is that we are all a little ashamed of them. So inevitably, it speaks to us. What if we could [...] Read more

    Bonsoirs X M.Moustache
  • Capri, c’est fini…

    And 2020 too. Finally!It certainly was a rotten year. But don't count on us to tell you about the most trying year we've all had in decades. Instead, we are opting for partial amnesia: to [...] Read more

  • Christmas will be Funky!

    A pedestrian street, Christmas decorations that illuminate the walls, mulled wine in one hand and gifts in the other... It's seen and seen again, a little cliche, see downright kitsch and we [...] Read more

  • 8 years old, man!

    8 years and 25 days to be very precise. On September 12, 2012, we brought you together to launch M. Moustache. Well at the time, we weren't going to lie to each other, it was mostly our [...] Read more

  • That 70’s show.

    The time has come to present our new FW20 collection to you. A somewhat special collection for us. In fact, it’s like it’s our first one. Of course because 58% of our sneakers are equipped wit [...] Read more

  • Shoes made from shoes.

    350 million pairs bought every year in France *. That's 11 pairs bought every second. You will tell us, we still need to put on shoes. It's true and then in a way, it works for us! But the [...] Read more


    Is it just us or is the world going a little downhill right now? Pandemic, economic crisis, Kanye running for president... No reason to feel so joyful about! But oddly enough, all of this [...] Read more

  • Why recycling shoes is no easy task

    As you may already know, just over a year ago, we launched Encore, our recycling program. Next September, this initiative will finally take shape: your recycled shoes will be reused as a raw [...] Read more

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