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  • Why recycling shoes is no easy task

    As you may already know, just over a year ago, we launched Encore, our recycling program. Next September, this initiative will finally take shape: your recycled shoes will be reused as a raw [...] Read more

    Why recycling shoes is no easy task

    Is it just us or is the world going a little downhill right now? Pandemic, economic crisis, Kanye running for president... No reason to feel so joyful about! But oddly enough, all of this [...] Read more

  • Marcel Proust interviews our founders

    You have surely already seen these three bearded men sitting wisely. They are the founders of M. Moustache! Though, if you have never seen their smiles, we are delighted to present to you, in [...] Read more

  • A startup in the time of quarantine

    Since the beginning of quarantine, many of you have asked us how a young company is dealing with the crisis. Here we try to answer you with the transparency that is dear to us. As you already [...] Read more

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