8 years and 25 days to be very precise.

On September 12, 2012, we brought you together to launch M. Moustache. Well at the time, we weren't going to lie to each other, it was mostly our friends and our families that we reunited :)

If we had been told at the time that we would be where we are today, we would definetly have signed with our eyes closed!

It must be said that things have happened since then.
- 8 years
- 5 shops
- More than 300 resellers
- Hundreds of thousands of pairs sold
- Nice successes but also great struggles ;)

At the same time, there is still so much to do!

Our initial vision was very clear: to modernize the footwear market.
Offer you different products that you will fall in love with at first sight. There were small hiccups, eh, but when we think of René (e), André (e) or Lucienne, we like to think that we have not done too badly.

At the end we tell ourselves above all that we were lucky you crossed our paths. Because our friends and our families alone would not have brought us this far. Every day more of you trust us to dress your feet. So thank you 2,920 times (yes that's the number of days in 8 years) !

But above all, we know that all of this is far from enough. That in addition to modernizing the market, we need to change it deeply!
That besides being stylish, you want your shoes to be made properly, by people who are happy and who are treated decently.
That's why we launched [re]colte on September 1st and are counting on you to drop off your wearied shoes to be recycled.
But above all we will try to do better, season after season. So that our production has the least possible impact on the planet!

Again a huge thank you for your trust and your support for 8 years. Count on us to continue to surprise you for a long time to come!

And above all: Don’t worry, be happy!

Antoine, Thibault et Guillaume

PS: 8 years is 56 in dog years!!