Slippers, we all have a pair (that we put more or less, I grant you!). But the real common point is that we are all a little ashamed of them.

So inevitably, it speaks to us.
What if we could offer you a slipper that is stylish enough that you don't have to hide it? And comfortable enough that you can't do without it?

In order to solve such an equation, several people had to work on it.
So we collaborated with Bonsoirs, the specialists in everything related to night, comfort and cocooning!

So we set to work with only one question in mind: How to recreate the comfort of a comforter that you will wear on your feet, while being stylish!

Our answer is a ripstop fabric with 90's plush padding and a recycled wool lining.
To top it all off, we use [re]colte, our recycled sole, made from your used shoes.

In the end, José (that's his little name) is 60% made from recycled materials and offers you a comfort worthy of a goose feather comforter!
For the style, we let you judge but we are quite proud of the result!

Composed of 60% recycled materials
Made in Portugal
Shoes made from shoes / Equipped with [re]colte, our recycled sole made from your used shoes.