You have surely already seen these three bearded men sitting wisely. They are the founders of M. Moustache!

Though, if you have never seen their smiles, we are delighted to present to you, in order of appearance: Antoine, Thibault et Guillaume !

As a reminder, Antoine, Thibault et Guillaume met on the benches of the Leonardo da Vinci business school. Each specialist in his field, but all driven by the same passion for shoes. Barely graduated they decided to launch their brand. 8 years and many adventures later, here we are, with more than 300 resellers in fifteen countries, 5 own stores in France and a recycling program Encore that just celebrated its 1 year anniversary!

So now, that you know their faces and their history, it's time to really introduce them to you. To get to know the men behind the Moustache, nothing like a formal questionnaire! In order to preserve the spirit of elegance and the trait of humor that is our own, we chose the famous questionnaire of Marcel Proust, reduced here to 10 questions finely selected by an innocent hand.

Let's start with Antoine, responsible for all the financial and development aspects, it is thanks to him that M. Moustache opens shops faster than light.

  • My main character trait? Perfectionist… I know I'm very annoying :)
  • The quality that I appreciate in others? Boldness
  • My main flaw? Overindulgence… Oops!
  • My favorite occupation? Surfing in the sun, whenever I can!
  • If I did not live in France, I would like to live … In Japan! I am fascinated by their culture.
  • My favorite author? Sylvain Tesson
  • My favorite painter? My brother of course! #MaximeMelocco
  • My hero in real life? Yvon Chouinard, mountaineer and founder of Patagonia, among others. It’s fascinating to succeed at combining your passion and your job so well.
  • The super power I wish I had? Time travel
  • My motto? Succeed at being who you are!

It’s now Thibault's turn! On a daily basis, he is the guardian of our brand image. He oversees the creation of products, and all communication tools.

  • My main character trait? Humor
  • The quality that I appreciate in others? Good humor and simplicity
  • My main flaw? Talking, probably too much!
  • My favorite occupation? All that relates directly or indirectly to sport, to clear my head (but #Netflixandchill a little is a must!)
  • If I did not live in France, I would like to live … That’s a big question, especially during this period of confinement! I would say New York, just to see what it's like to live “Friends” style!
  • My favorite author? I would have liked to say Sartre or Camus, but I will be honest, J.K. Rowling! #teamGriffondor
  • My favorite painter? My grandmother, I grew up surrounded by her paintings.
  • My hero in real life? Joker! (I use my joker, not the character of course ...)
  • The super power I wish I had? Flying, it must be damn chic to fly.
  • My motto? On a pas peur (We are not afraid!) And it's the name as our company: ONAPP SAS ;)

And last but not least, here are Guillaume's answers! He makes the daily link with our factories and our partners, it is he who oversees all production! He therefore spends a good part of his time on an airplane…

  • My main character trait? Optimism
  • The quality that I appreciate in others? Simplicity
  • My main flaw? Impatience…
  • My favorite occupation? Entrepreneurship
  • If I did not live in France, I would like to live … 2 choices, radically different: in Shanghai, where I have already lived, for boundless dynamism, or in Costa Rica, for a total change of scenery!
  • My favorite author? More than just one artist, one genre: science fiction
  • My favorite painter? Rather a photographer. I really like documentary photography, like that of Martin Parr if I were to state only one name
  • My hero in real life? The whole team of M. Moustache!
  • The super power I wish I had? Time travel
  • My motto? “Life is a risk. If you have not risked, you have not lived. The man who tries nothing is wrong only once."

That being said, you know them a little better now ... But we would like to get to know you too! So it's your turn, go to our Instagram to fill out your own version of Marcel Proust's questionnaire, available as a story, share it and tag us on it!