350 million pairs bought every year in France *. That's 11 pairs bought every second. You will tell us, we still need to put on shoes. It's true and then in a way, it works for us!

But the problem is, only 3% of those pairs won't go to the trash when worn. And not even 1% will be recycled. This makes sense since there is no viable solution to recycling a pair of shoes. The ten elements that compose it make the operation almost impossible.

But that was before.

Before we meet Mr. Ferreira.

For 15 years, he has been convinced that, once the metal parts (eyelets, etc.) have been removed, a shoe can be recycled as a whole. And above all, it can be used to make new shoes! Soles to be precise.


Since you've been dropping off your used shoes in our stalls for 18 months.

The 3000 pairs collected enabled us to produce this revolutionary sole: [re] colte.

We will explain to you more precisely how we get there:

# 1 collecting and sorting

We start by collecting your used shoes, regardless of the brand, in our various stores.

We sort the lots of shoes collected in our warehouse in Lude.

The shoes can still be worn: we are put them aside and donate them to an association such as Restos du coeur. The shoes are wearied : We send them to Monsieur Ferreira, our partner in Portugal.

# 2 Recycling in 3 steps (and 15 years in the business!)

1. Grinding

Once the metal parts (eyelets, ...) have been removed from the shoes, they are crushed twice to obtain a fine powder.

2. Heater

This powder is then baked in order to extract any chemical components it may contain.

3. Press

Now cleaned, the powder goes through a press about twenty times to make a plate that will serve as the basis for the production of [re]colte.

# 3 production

Once the recycling operation is complete, we can start producing. A clever mix for a revolutionary sole: 20% recycled shoes, 50% recycled rubber (from production scraps) and 30% natural rubber to produce [re]colte.

If you've been too lazy to read these few lines, we've summarized everything in a great video!

But above all, to produce our next collections, we need you, because it is together that we can fundamentally transform our industry.


*Source: "State of the art of sorting, recycling and recovery of shoes for household use", report produced by Bio Intelligence Service for Eco TLC, October 2012.