"Smile" is our eco-designed collection that has only one obsession: warming hearts, not the planet. By being carbon neutral and emitting 61% less CO2 for the women's collection* and 59% less CO2 for the men's collection*, this capsule is bound to make you smile.



The goal of the collection is to give you peace of mind when you buy any of our pairs. To achieve this, we have selected the best materials to have the lowest possible carbon footprint.

> Vegan suede in recycled polyester (43% less CO2 than "traditional" suede)

> Vegan nylon suede certified OEKOTEX Standard 100 (67% less CO2 than "traditional" suede)

> Grape-based vegan leather (89% less CO2 than "traditional" leather)

Basically, they have the same advantages as the classic leather: robustness, impeccable finishings, hot rendering but without the animal. A big step for us. But even bigger for mother nature.

Keep smiling

Results that make you smile. This is not us saying it, it's Fairly Made, a firm that measures the impact of our pairs of shoes.

> 61% less CO2 for the women's collection*

59% less CO2 for the men's collection*

We could have stopped there, but we preferred to compensate the few remaining programs.

Welcome to the future

If you follow us diligently, you know that we always want to do better.

So reducing is good. But we want to go even further and make our collections carbon neutral. To do this, we offset our residual emissions by investing in a project that makes sense for our future collections.

> The decarbonation plan of a cow farm in Moselle

We explain ourselves

The manufacture of a pair of Gabrielle shoes emits 6.6kg of CO2 into the air. For each pair of Gabrielle shoes made, we commit to fund a project that will sequester or avoid 6.6kg of CO2.

6,6 - 6,6 = 100% neutral.

This project aims to reduce the carbon footprint of a cow farm in eastern France through concrete measures: improved feeding, outdoor grazing, reduced energy consumption.

To reduce the carbon footprint of the leathers we will continue to use on part of our collections.

Be smart, wear low impact sneakers

But above all, behind this collection lies the brand's primary ambition: to reconcile your passion for sneakers with your ecological conscience.

> Capsule that brings together all the brand's favorites to turn checkout into kisses for the planet

Focus on colors that pop to create lust while pleasing mother nature

Aaaah it's beautiful to see you smile ! ;)

*Compared to a standard sneaker on the market - analyzed by Fairly Made.