Maxence, our first carbon neutral sneaker

If you've been following us for a while, you'll have noticed that we're working hard to bring you models that are as desirable as they are responsible. So that you can put on your shoes with a clear conscience. With Maxence, we have reached carbon neutrality. Zero CO2. And how? Come on, we'll tell you all about this new model that's as good for the retina as it is for the planet.


Welcome to the future

Maxence has a 55% smaller carbon footprint than a standard sneaker because it uses vegan and recycled materials.

Its grape marc-based vegan leather is bearing fruit, with a carbon footprint 89% smaller than that of leather.

And its recycled polyester vegan suede is gaining recognition, with a carbon footprint 43% smaller than that of suede. Who can say better ?

We do! Because Maxence has other assets. Thanks to the recycled cotton lining. And big up to its cork insole.

And of course, like more than 60% of our sneakers, Maxence is camped on our [récolte] sole. That's right, the one made from your used shoes collected in our stores.

Basket offset

While CO2 emissions have been reduced to a minimum, we don't stop there. To ensure carbon neutrality, we offset the residual emissions from production. Via the financing of a carbon sequestration project.

Decarbonizing cow breeding in France. To reduce the carbon footprint of the leather we continue to use. Mooch yes mooch yes.

Or how Maxence will reconcile your sneaker passion with your ecological conscience.