31 % less impactful for the planet

31 % less impactful for the planet
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Our products are on average 31.25% less impacting for the planet than standard market products.

This is what emerges from the analysis that we launched with Fairly Made 6 months ago.

If you want to know exactly what it is about, this is where it happens!

We take stock.

6 months ago, we asked Fairly Made to analyze the most representative products from our collection.

  • To find out what it costs the planet, to produce, distribute, sell, wear and recycle a pair of Mr. Mustache.
  • But also to measure the impact of actions that we have been carrying out for 2 years.

This is called in the environment the analysis of the life cycle (ACV) of a product.


We have selected 6 products representative of the collection (in terms of materials, country of manufacture, etc.).

Fairly Made then went up their manufacturing chain to collect all the necessary information. From the factory's name, to the energy used, including the exact composition of all the materials used and their origin.

A gold mine of information that they then retired and analyzed to measure the impact of each of these products.

Among the 16 indicators analyzed, 3 were retained (by the European Union) as being the most representative of the impact of an environment on the environment.

  • CO2 emissions

No doubt the most important indicator. That of potential global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions in the air.

  • Water eutrophication

It is the over-enrichment of the aquatic ecosystem, especially in phosphate, which can cause the proliferation of green algae.

  • The consumption of non -renewable energy

Indicator of exhaustion of non -renewable energies.

Tell me more!

Thanks to Fairly Made, we therefore know the environmental impact of our products. This is for example the results of an Andrée / Beige et Brown corduroy.

Where it becomes really interesting for the future is that we know exactly what element of the shoe is responsible for this impact. And so how to improve us, Enco[re] and Enco[re]!

These results are a real treasure for us. To better understand what means that a product is impactful or to know exactly where the materials we use come from.

But to really locate us on the market, Fairly Made also analyzed control products. They spent a magnifying glass of a dozen sneakers from different brands representative of the market to extract the “average” product from the market.

And the results are there. Our shoes are on average 31.25% less impactful than this control product.

So, is that good or not?

Far from us the idea of ​​boasting but still ... yeahhhhhhhh !!!

31% less is still huge. And a great pride for the whole team that has been working for 2 years and the implementation of Enco[re].

But the craziest is the number of tracks we have to dig to further reduce our impact.

We do not reveal our little secrets right away ... but we meet you in January to discover the future of basketball!

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