Sweet France

Sweet France
Look et tendance

If in 2020, we dreamed of going to the other end of the world. In 2021, we are no longer so complicated ... We would just like to be able to snap kisses, kiffing on the terrace, celebrating your birthday and traveling the roads of France.


Dear country of my childhood

And yes, for this new collection, we go back to the basics. This season is the French campaign that inspires us.


Because at that moment, we only dream of one thing: roll, roll, roll towards green. The only place of total change of scenery and renewal.


Put out

Nothing better than a little weekend in the pampa to recharge the batteries. And why not take advantage of it to draw from what is most beautiful to imagine the new models in the collection ... It is these saving moments that inspired us these models.


Just in time for sunny days

Enlly colors, sunshine and sunbly guaranteed tanks ...
These pieces terribly make you want to take off, to teleport us with our band of friends for a weekend by the sea and to chain barbecues and aperitif under the sun exactly. Because ultimately, we are there, in France.


Sweet France

While waiting to travel the roads, we let you soak up the good waves of our new collection and find the pair that goes where you want when you can.

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