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A shoe that's
spot-on & different

Here at M. Moustache, we believe that above all, a good shoe is about robust materials and outstanding workmanship. But it's also about having a generous dash of creativity. Our ambition: to bring you, every season, a product that is elegant and a bit different, and cutting-edge.

Staff that are creative and

At our Paris office, the M. Moustache creative team devise and design your shoes. There's Charlotte who designs and gives shape to sneakers and slip-ons, and there's Mathilde who handles production and quality control. Every collection is designed, tested and approved as a team, as we believe in collective strength.

Traditional know-how

Most of our production now takes place in Portugal. There was nothing random about this decision. The Porto region is the cradle of shoemaking in Europe, and is steeped in traditional know-how. It's here that René, Mathilde and Benjamin are made.

Technical expertise that is
complex & precise

For our most technically advanced products, we chose China. Their historic know-how and their precision techniques have meant that they have become key partners in the development of comfortable, high-quality retro running shoes. That's where we produce Basile, André and Léa, for example.

Here at M. Moustache, we are confident that proximity and transparency are the foundations of a sustainable business. And it is on those foundations that we have sealed solid business relationships with our partners. Frequent visits, daily communication: making connections so that we grow and create together.


Boundless creativity and reliable
business partners, always bringing you
the best possible products.


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