A shoe does not build itself. A whole collection even less so.
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Gaultier-Boucly-Chef-Echoppier Gaultier-Boucly-Chef-Echoppier

Gautier Boucly

Chef Échoppier

Alexis-Gaillard-Vendeur-Compulsif Alexis-Gaillard-Vendeur-Compulsif

Alexis Gaillard

Compulsive Seller

Camille-Dupoux-Dépositaire-du-Bon-Goût Camille-Dupoux-Dépositaire-du-Bon-Goût

Camille Depoux

Keeper of Good Taste

Charlotte-Guillou-Dessinatrice-en-Chef Charlotte-Guillou-Dessinatrice-en-Chef

Charlotte Guillou

Queen of Elegance

Armelle-Degraeve-B2B-Player Armelle-Degraeve-B2B-Player

Armelle Degraeve

B2B Player

Elliot-Sellwood-Détaché-à-image Elliot-Sellwood-Détaché-à-image

Elliot Selwood

Picture Taker

Guillaume-Cousin-Chef-des-Chiffres Guillaume-Cousin-Chef-des-Chiffres

Guillaume Cousin

Man of Numbers

Louise-D'amade-Détaché-au-Bonheur-de-la-Clientèle Louise-D'amade-Détaché-au-Bonheur-de-la-Clientèle

Élodie Moulins

Customer Happiness Manager

Louise-D'amade-Détaché-au-Bonheur-de-la-Clientèle Hugo-Pommier-Assistant-des-équations

Hugo Pommier

Excel Master

Coline-Seminari-Chef-des-Emplettes Coline-Seminari-Chef-des-Emplettes

Coline Seminari

Shoes Manager

Pauline-Bachelier-Gérant-@blagues_sur_internet Pauline-Bachelier-Gérant-@blagues_sur_internet

Pauline Bachelier

The Instagramer

Coline-Faivre-Detache-au-Bonheur-de-la-Clientele Coline-Faivre-Detache-au-Bonheur-de-la-Clienteler

Coline Faivre

Customer Happiness Manager#2

Caroline-Fabre-Spécialiste-du-Web Caroline-Fabre-Spécialiste-du-Web

Caroline Fabre

Web Specialist

Sixtine-Daudemard-Gregnac-Détachée-aux-Souliers Sixtine-Daudemard-Gregnac-Détachée-aux-Souliers

Vincent Cornot

Style Diva

Elise-Ferrier-Surveillante-des-Souliers Elise-Ferrier-Surveillante-des-Souliers

Élise Ferrier

Shoes supervisor

Louis-Brossolet-Sous-chef-echoppier Louis-Brossolet-Sous-chef-echoppier

Louis Brossollet

Sous-chef Échoppier

Camille-Lecomte-Tiktokeuse Camille-Lecomte-Tiktokeuse

Camille Lecomte


Ghaith-Hamdi-Agent-creatif Ghaith-Hamdi-Agent-creatif

Ghaith Hamdi

Creative Agent

Emma-Comba-Preposee-aux-echantillons Emma-Comba-Preposee-aux-echantillons

Emma Comba

Sample Officer

The founders


Pack leader #1

Head of sales, with resellers or in our own boutiques. Antoine makes sure that our shoes are well presented and that our customer’s experience is as we fancied it : PERFECT. Rational about everything but his sports equipment: An unpacked bike, a surfboard and the full Roger Federer outfit takes up half the space in his living room.


Pack leader #2

If you are wearing a pair of M. Moustache, it’s surely thanks to him. He makes sure that the website is up and running 24/7 and controls everything that goes in and out of our warehouse. He might also be responsible for the obesity of our dog/mascot, Cookie.


Pack leader #3

(I like that / I definitely don’t like this) A quick and efficient way to describe his days at the office. No photo, video, or shoe design leaves the office without his approval. Fast and efficient, that goes for him and his wit and fast quips. We cannot deny his role in the quality of our parties too.

The founders

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