galway galway


On the Irish routes, the sceneries streamed through. Chalky, mineral and oceanic, the rocks have inspired us, and permeated our collection. From the ruined castles to the city streets, the patterns were tinted with an obvious elegance. Galway, naturally urban and terribly adventurous.

Feel adventurous in the ruins
of the Count Clare castle.

Face the immensity, the kind that takes your breath away, that stuns you.

Running Léa 125€
Running Basile 135€

Defy the natural elements,
and the tumult of its steep

Continue the
journey towards
the Burren plains.

Boots Gaultier 180€ Chelsea Boots Camille M. 180€

Be captivated by the
authentic landscapes
that mark this
collection with its
unique character.

Basket Anatole 135€