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What we want, it's for you to enjoy our shoes. Like a cold sip of soda on a hot summer day.  We want you to enjoy yourself. Guilt free shopping.

Though, in the current context, it's not very easy. Fashion is, rightly, pointed out for its impact on the environment. As we are, indeed, part of the problem, we strive to come up with solutions! It's even become an obsession. How to make fashion positive? For you and for the environment. So that shopping becomes a pleasure again!


Because we ask ourselves all the possible questions about our activity’s impact on the environment and the people.


Because everyday we wake up with one single goal in mind; making you smile. Thanks to audacious collections that you purchase in all serenity.

Happy feet

The idea here is that you smile every morning when you wear your shoes. That they make you happier in each step you take. 

To do so, our secret is to vary the colors and materials used. 

To surprise you with the most unexpected products, or revisit the most iconic classics.

Quality, on point.

Basic, you would say. But it is a major point that somehow was forgotten. In our field, there are no secrets, we must work with the best.

If 90% of our collection is made in Portugal, it is not only because we love to surf in the sun ! It is first and foremost because of the country’s savoir-faire, they are without a doubt the highest fliers in the industry. 

All our city shoes and cupsole sneakers (sneakers where the rubber sole is sewn to the upper) are made in the region of porto where their technicity is unparalleled .

For our runnings, we chose to work with factories in China. We spent time there with our agent and in the factories, where we met with people that perfectly master the art of making sneakers. A product that needs to be as supple as comfortable and resistant. 

And it goes on
Enco[re] et Enco[re].

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again ! All that we strive for is that you can buy any of our products with the certainty that we have done our job well. 

That is why we put recycling at the heart of our strategy ever since March 2019, with the launch of Enco(re).

A recycling program that aims to recycle all your worn off shoes, regardless of the brand.

But we want to move forward, with a single watch word in mind : Create shoes that make people feel good, because they were made well. 

It’s a project that shapes it’s fruits in the long run. So stay tuned for our new announcement to come in september !