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Enco[re] is our commitment to make fashion more sustainable and responsible at our level. To make fashion positive.

Positive for the planet. By minimizing the impact of our production and consumption of raw materials.

Positive for those who do it. By forging relationships of trust with our partners in China and Portugal.
Positive for you. So that you shop for shoes, without feeling guilty. 

Doing things right, to create products that ultimately do good

And it goes on, enco[re] and enco[re].

We told you. All we want is for you to be able to buy any of our designs with peace of mind. Knowing that we've done our job right. That's why we put recycling at the heart of our strategy by launching Enco[re] in March 2019.

Each of our stores. is a collection point where you can drop off old pairs of shoes you no longer wear. We recycle them to produce [re]colte, the first sole made from your used shoes.

Shoes made from shoes.

Make shoes, out of shoes. It seems logical said like that. But it's a lot more complicated than it looks.After 18 months of research, in September 2020 we launch [re]colte. Our sole made from your used shoes, collected in our stores.Present on 58% of our sneakers collection today, this sole allows us to reduce our consumption of raw materials by 70%.

To know everything about this [re]volution, it happens here.

We are family.

Serafim, after 8 years of working together, has become a full member of the M. Moustache family. And it's the same for Daniel, Casimiro, Candy, Miguel or Natalia. Because before being suppliers, they are partners. Men and women with whom we interact on a daily basis and who share our values. Develop our industry, while taking care of the people who make it. Casimiro, for example, will open a nursery in its factory to make life easier for the employees.

If we manage to offer you new products like [re]colte, it is mainly thanks to them.

Home sweet home.

Because we won't be able to make you smile if the people who make M. Moustache every day aren’t happy coming to the office every morning! We therefore pay particular attention to the working environment, so that coming to work every morning is, as much as possible, a pleasure!

On the program, brand new offices specially designed for each profession, aperitifs (in moderation), bbq or yoga classes!

It's in the box.

We spend time on them to make them look as good as possible. But our packaging is above all respectful of the environment!
Our boxes, tissue papers and e-commerce mailing boxes are made from paper from FSC-certified forests and made from recycled materials.

Moustache leather.

Along with rubber, leather is the most widely used material in our collections. It is a noble material that we are proud to work with on a daily basis. It allows us to offer you new products, season after season!
But we also know that it is sometimes an opaque industry and that abuses are associated with it.

We therefore attach great importance to the tanneries with which we work and to the origin of the leathers. 90% of our leathers come from Spain, Italy and Portugal. We strive to be even more selective in the future to only work with tanneries audited by the Leather Working Group.